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About Brett

Hey guys!  I'm Brett Jarnagin and I am a national award winning photographer known for the fashion edge I bring to my wedding and senior portrait photography.  My unique use of flash has taken me all over the world teaching other photographers exactly how I light my images and bring my subjects to life.  I have taught in Argentina, Mexico, and over 30 US Cities since 2010 and for the past two years I have toured the US with my Flashfire Workshops.  I am also the creator of Life. Camera. Actions. (a photo editing software) which has been downloaded by thousands of photographers in over 25 countries.  

So that is my "official" bio.  Unofficially, I'm just a dude who loves living life to the fullest!  Currently, living life to the fullest for me means pursuing music and helping photographers around the world enhance their workflows with my editing tools like the Lightroom™ Retouching Toolkit!